ActiveRecord Serializers From Scratch

In this post I am going to go over how you can roll your own JSON serialization solution to use in a Rails app in less than 40 lines of code. The idea makes use of basic object oriented techniques (inheritance and hook methods) to leverage the serialization functionality provided by Rails out of the box. Read on →

Introducing RESS


I have created a gem that provides a strategy for building mobile optimized Rails applications by combining the strengths of client-side feature detection with the flexibility of server-side component optimization, and respects Google’s best practices for SEO and web-caching. Read on →

How to Stop Using Nested Forms

One issue that caused me a lot of pain on my first few rails projects was the natural coupling that developed between the database and the rest of my application. The “skinny controller, fat model” mantra has been the prevalent in the Rails community since the early days. The problem with this philosophy is that it is only 50% accurate. If you are building good object oriented software, you shouldn’t have a fat anything. Read on →